Wonder Wallet Reviews

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Since its release last year, the Wonder Wallet quickly became one of the most in-demand leather wallets in the market today. This popularity is due to the manufacturer’s claim that the wallet can contain twice as much cash and cards compared to regular wallets. The product was also aggressively promoted on television which further improved the wallet’s brand equity. As a buyer, it’s highly recommended that you read a lot of Wonder Wallet reviews before you decide to purchase it. This is to make sure that you are getting accurate information about the product. In the following review, we will go through the main features of the wallet so you can decide for yourself if the product delivers what it promises.

Wonder Wallet

1) It’s made of genuine leather so you are assured of the fact that it’s durable enough to last for a long time. However, it’s worth mentioning here that only the cover flaps of the wallet are made of real leather. The inside of the wallet which is composed mostly of six clear compartments are made of plastic. But there’s a good reason why these compartments are made of plastic. It’s so that you can clearly see the cash and cards that they contain. You can easily flip through the compartments as if you’re viewing a miniature photo album.

2) It can hold up to 24 cards and wads of cash. We’re talking about a standard-sized credit card here. As was mentioned earlier, there are six compartment flaps inside the wallet. Each flap can accommodate at least four cards. If you do the math, the wallet can contain 24 cards. That’s a lot considering most types of wallets can’t even accommodate ten cards. All of the flaps are made of clear plastic so you can easily see which cards are inside them. You don’t have to pull them all out just to find the card you want to use.

3) It’s thin and it’s very flexible. The inside of the Wonder Wallet is designed in a way that it can bend almost in half. With that said, it feels comfortable even if you sit on it. However, one drawback of the wallet is that it’s a bit wider than a standard-sized wallet. This means that it might not fit in smaller pockets especially in pants worn by women. But if you always carry a handbag with you, this shouldn’t be a problem. The wallet also comes in several colors. You can choose from black, red, tan, pink, gray, and blue.

4) The wallet comes with a RFID blocking feature. Wonder Wallet reviews won’t be complete without mentioning this safety feature. Basically, what the RFID blocking system does is prevent the remote scanning of the cards in your wallet. It won’t be easy for hackers and scammers to gain access to your card information.

In conclusion, the Wonder Wallet delivers most of what it promises. It’s durable courtesy of its genuine leather material. It can really hold up to 24 cards on top of the wads of cash. And it has a safety feature that protects your cards from identity theft.